schoolCase Study 1 – Mrs Greens Class projector stopped working due to a blown lamp, which significantly affected the lesson plans she had prepared for her class. Schools AVarrived onsite the next day when the school was opening. Our engineer found that the existing projector was over 5 years old and the image had deteriorated over the years. A replacement lamp would have cost several hundred pounds and not improved the image quality. Luckily our engineer had a spare lamp free projector with them and agree with the Head Teacher to install this. The work was completed before the pupils arrived minimising disruption to the class and the school.

Case Study 2 – St Georges School had an existing display screen in their Reception Area. They had an old computer that was connected to the screen, which ran a simple PowerPoint presentation that looped over and over. The cables were a bit unsightly, but the main issue was the content being displayed. We recommended a new digital signage device that had simple to use software that allowed the school create tailored presentations that they could schedule throughout the day/week. The software also allowed them to quickly update what was being display instantaneously. We also quickly tidy up the cables with the use of some containment.

Case Study 3 – Ms Patel’s classroom computer stopped displaying an image on the computer screen. Our engineer diagnosed that this problem was due to a loose AV lead and fixed it.